Off Site Backup

The current industry standard is to have a portable back up drive. This works fine, however there are things to take into consideration:
  • Someone must always remember to take the drive with them when the office is unattended and then remember to reconnect it
  • Unless you manually read the backup status, you will miss the tell tale signs of drive faults and failures
  • You have to check that the transfers are successful, as your backup could be incorrectly configured, and is duplicating data
  • If the drive is full, you will lose data as you back it up
  • You need to check the hard drive for tell tale physical errors (frayed cables, overheating etc.)

As such, we offer an online backup service. Our scheduled backups will copy your data to our secure servers
so, in the event of a catastrophe at your office, your essential documents and files are protected! You can easily retrieve the information you have saved at anytime, and automatic incremental backups ensure that your backup information is kept up to date! For most businesses, 5-10Gb will be more than enough, as the data is compressed on the server, so in essence you could have between 10-20Gb of actual data!

Download the DCN Backup Manager software

32 Bit 64 Bit

No more worrying about backup drives, enquire today by visitng our contact page!

Monthly Pricing
2GB Backup$34.955GB Backup$39.95
10GB Backup$44.9520GB Backup$84.95
50GB Backup$124.95100GB Backup$249.95


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