Custom PHP/MySQL Software

As well as our website design, computer sales and repairs, DCN Solutions has created many PHP/MySQL software packages to help businesses. Don't spend $$$ on programs that are difficult to understand and aren't exactly what you need! Talk to a real person in Perth when you have enquiries. Pick from our pre-made programs (adjusted to your requirements) or start fresh with your own.

All of our programs are designed to be used in a multi-user environment from multiple locations and devices, and can be made with permissions to be adjusted by your chosen administrator... you decide what your people can see or do!

To have a free demonstration or for more information, please contact us.

DCN Business Manager

A simple invoicing system that allows you to keep track of your invoices, orders, clients and more. Ready at your fingertips are quick statistics for your quarterly statements, easy correspondence with your clients via a built in invoice emailing module, and statistics on your employee's work hours. Other functions can be easily included such as web site integration (for your clients to view/pay invoices online), newsletter integration, contact import/export functions, integration with website orders, automatic quotation modules and much more.

DCN Customer Manager

Do you have repeat customers? Do your salespeople fight over leads? This program is a simple CRM that allows them to log in details of their potential clients, and make additions to the record. Sales people are notified when a lead has not been followed up after a period of time. Administration access allows an overview of the progress of all sales, and is alerted to double-ups on a client. Now you know who deserves the sale!

DCN Job Tracker

Includes automatic job card creation, calendar (displaying all job start and due dates), progress checklist, search function, timesheets and more. Perfect for anyone who has numerous jobs at once or anyone using CAD or other drawing and graphing programs (it automatically makes files for the job and records the time spent on it).

DCN Mailing List Editor

With this program you can email newsletters to your contacts, keep a record of what you have sent, and see if, and when, people are looking at your newsletters!

DCN Blogger Clone

Do you want to keep your customers or fan base up to date, but prefer to have a news feed on your own site? This program "clones" your Blogger RSS feed, and distributes it on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. while linking back to your own site!


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