Hosting Packages

When it comes to hosting there are many companies out there that promise the world, but fail to deliver. We have come across some hosting companies that offer cheap hosting, but their servers are overseas, which makes the hosted web site slow to access, while others have email spam protection problems. Our provider is based near Joondalup WA, has backup UPS and Diesel Generator power plus 24 hour security, so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe and available at any time. Check out our yearly rates:


100MB Web space
2GB Bandwidth
No Mailboxes



150MB Web space
5GB Bandwidth
10 Mailboxes



500MB Web space
10GB Bandwidth
20 Mailboxes


1GB Web space
25GB Bandwidth
50 Mailboxes

You can also upgrade your account to get exactly what you need for your website.
Email Web Space
1 Additional Mailbox $9.90 Additional 100MB  $40
3 Additional Mailboxes $22.00 Additional 250MB  $90
5 Additional Mailboxes $33.00 Additional 500MB $160
10 Additional Mailboxes $55.00
MySQL Database $55.00 Shared SSL Support $55.00
MSSQL Database $165.00 Purchase SSL Certificate $99.00
Mirror Hosting $33.00 DNS Hosting $27.50
Domain Names $66.00 (for 24 months)

With reliable support from local people and fast connections to your site, how can you go wrong?
It doesn't stop at web site hosting either. We can also host your physical server which will connect you directly to a fibre-optic link, allowing many users to access information at fast speeds from any location (useful for terminal servers or when you need to access your server from more than one office/branch).
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