Terms and Conditions

All workmanship and labour have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise stated. LCDs, Notebooks & Printers warranty claims outside the grace period of 7 days are not handled by DCN Solutions. Computer components are warranted by their respective manufacturer's warranties, so clients/customers must check manuals etc. for warranty cards as these need to be completed and sent to the manufacturer by the client, for their warranty to be validated.

If the product meets any of the following criteria, then fees and charges will apply in order to get the product repaired:

  • Physical damage (burnt chips, scratch marks, bent/broken pins, shipping damage etc.)
  • Power outages/surges or Storm damage
  • Damage caused by Natural disasters
  • Viruses/Spyware/Malware
  • Software related issues
  • Hardware/Software/Driver installation
  • Client-installed components
  • Dust build up.
Selected products, such as laptops, are covered directly through the manufacturer. For client convenience, DCN Solutions can handle and arrange the shipping, at the standard charge rates for pickup and delivery plus freight costs. It is essential that copies of warranty forms and invoices are also provided.

Please note the following when returning a faulty item:

  • Do not write on the faulty item.
  • All defective items must be properly packed when returned to prevent damage during transit.
  • Return ONLY the faulty item along with any power adaptors, receivers/transmitters or accessories required for the unit to function. Do not return miscellaneous accessories, driver cds and boxes. DCN Solutions will not be responsible for the loss of accessories inclusive of but not limited to manuals, box, cables and CDs etc.
  • DCN Solutions will only hold replacement items for 3 months from the date we receive the replacements from supplier, after which point in time a final attempt at contact will be made and if unsuccessful, the item will be surrendered to DCN Solutions
  • If the item is rejected by DCN Solutions' supplier due to physical damage, DCN Solutions will charge at the standard call out rates plus cost of components for any returned item which has been tested with no fault found.
If a client is experiencing any problems that are software related, or needs help in learning to use a particular program, then the standard call out rates will apply.

All parts and software remain property of DCN Solutions until full payment is received, unless otherwise stated by DCN Solutions. Payment is required for all billed costs/invoices, regardless of the client's use or non-use of the item/service provided. This includes, but is not limited to client's change of mind and dissatisfaction, after verbal or written agreement of client acceptance of product/service. Charges will not be waived for change of mind and all refunds/returns are at the discretion of DCN Solutions. As such DCN Solutions may waive their property ownership rights and request full payment in leiu of return or withholding of said product/service. Any costs incurred for the recovery of equipment and software for which payment has not been received will be payable by the client. Any costs incurred in the recovery of monies owed, once the client has been given access to product/service and billed for such, must be paid by the client. The client will also allow unrestricted access to any equipment and/or software for which payment has not been received.

All Web Site and Programming work remains the intellectual property of DCN Solutions and may not be copied or resold without prior written approval of DCN Solutions Management. Invoices are due for payment 7 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise authorised by DCN Solutions Management. Unless otherwise arranged between the customer and DCN Solutions, invoices not paid in the allotted time will receive a final notice with a grace period of 7 working days. Unpaid accounts over $200 will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency. Debt collection fees will be made payable by the client.

Invoice amounts may differ from charges on Estimations due to changes in cost of parts, unforseen complications, additional requests by the client, or other circumstances. E & OE.

For information on what insurance and liability arrangements have been put in place for client benefit, including professional indemnity, product liability, consequential damage, third party damage, staff and contractor liability cover and liability limits, please contact DCN Solutions Management.


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